SmartMike+ Dual Pack for TWS & T/R

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SabineTek Official SmartMike+ Ultra-Compact Wireless Bluetooth Microphone TWS Noise Reduction Lavalier Mic-2 Pack, Transmitter &Receiver Mode (T/R) (Black) 


1. TWS - Two SmartMike+s connect to one mobile phone at the same time.
2. T/R - Two SmartMike+s paired to each other. One as transmitter and the other as receiver. For DSLR & live streaming. 


TWS Mode

1. Two SmartMike+s paired with one smart phone via Bluetooth, SmartMike+s work simultaneously with smartphone(Android v9.0 above, iOS v10.0.2 above)simultaneously.
2. Two people can record wireless audio and video together, one video with two audio sources from two SmartMike+ mixed together with lips synchronization.
3. A earphone plug on mobile phone can be used for real time audio monitoring for two SmartMike+ audios while filming.
Scenarios: double vlog shooting, podcast recording, music creating, singing, music entertainment, interviews, interactive programs and other applications. 

T/R( Transmitter/Receiver) Mode

1. Long press the red button on SmartMike+ A power on and hold for 10s to enter master pairing mode. The LED will be blinking in red and green.
2. Long press the red button on SmartMike+ B power on and hold 3s to enter slave pairing mode. The LED will blinking in blue.
3. Smartmike+ A will then search SmartMike+ B and connect automatically. Once paired successfully, the LEDs on SmartMike+ A will be shining in green and SmartMike+ B in blue.
  • Plug either of the two SmartMike+s into mobile phone, DSLR, PC or any device with AUX-imput interface via a 3.5mm jack as a receiver and the other as a wireless microphone close to sound source.