SabineCast - A Bluetooth Sound Card Mixing Console and Condenser Microphone

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Professional song recording modes for studio-grade sound cards

  • Treble modulation-With professional treble debugging so that you can sing more beautifully
  • Midrange-Make your voice clearer, debug at your own discretion, and make your K song easier!!
  • Bass-Low voice, more lyrical, let yourself sing more songs! The sound card is better and the tuning is better!

The effect of reverberation 

After adding reverb, it is easy to shape the sense of space, giving a real feeling, and the music will also sound more natural. 

Multiple sound effects 

The mini sound card can be used for DJ, music studio recording, condenser microphone, karaoke online, podcast, mic, singing, k song, live stream, TikTok and YouTube streaming, guitar, Facebook, anchor, voice mixing, home audio recorder. Sound mixer board is also a voice changer for gamers who play games online.

Wide Compatibility

The Soundboard voice changer machine can be compatible with PC, Computer, iPad, Tablet, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox, Switch, IOS, Android phone, Windows, and electronic musical instrument. Perfect for broadcast, karaoke, studio music recording, and more.

Bluetooth and DSP Intelligent Noise Reduction Chip

Adopt a dual DSP intelligent processing chip to adjust the rhythm in time, making the audio signal stable and clear, and the output is better.

Voice Changing and Real-time Monitoring

The live sound card voice changer automatically recognizes the human voice, automatically reduces the volume of the background music, the chat interaction is more interesting, and the real-time ear-back monitoring allows you to adjust the rhythm in time to sing entertainment or practice, avoiding the embarrassing experience.

For Singing/Karaoke 

Adjustable echo reverberation with multi-levels, make your sound with high performance.

For Recording, Voice Chatting

Comes with live acoustic effects and background accompaniment introduction, shock-wave effect highlight the human voice when recording.

For Live Broadcasting

One-key to make field noise, you can interact with fans without pressure. Compatible with most major mainstream K song software.

Real-time Monitoring

Support real-time monitoring of ear return, so that you can timely adjust the breath and rhythm to avoid out of tune. One-key removes the primal sound and makes the song an accompaniment.

PLEASE NOTE: If your type c phone or iPhone does not have a 3.5mm audio jack, you need to use a 3.5mm aux adapter cable