Will this act as phone's default mic when I'm recording with the phone's camera, or do I need to use your app to sync post recording?
Yes, connect this microphone with your phone via bluetooth, this mic will act as default mic. You need to record audio or video with our app to get the high quality sound and synchronize audio and video in real-time.

How to shoot vlog videos with SmartMike+?
Answer:Google play store.
2. Using third party camera apps such as FilMic pro. Please note that not all apps are supported due to app compatibilities, and only 8KHz/16KHz is supported with these apps.
3.Using native app on iOS or Android - Two SmartMike+s are needed in this case. To pair the two SmartMike+s in T/R mode and use the Sabinetek TRRS 4 pole connector to connect to any one of the paired SmartMike+s as receiver and the other as wireless microphone.

Can I use this SmartMike during a live zoom conference?
Yes, the SmartMike can be used during live zoom conference.

Can I use with other apps?
Yes, if you want to work with other apps and get high quality sound, you need two SmartMike+s, one acts as transmitter and another acts as receiver connected to your phone or other devices.

How to share recordings or videos to other apps?
At the upper left corner of the main screen in the SMike+ app, “My Clips” can be used to find the list of recordings or videos. Each one can be shared or deleted by left sliding the item to find the options.

Do I need to buy anything else for this ?
No - You simply charge it with supplied USB and then when ready sync via your cell phone bluetooth. You will need the app installed on your phone.

Can i use 2 smartmike+s with my iphone 12 pro max when using another app, such as filmic pro?
Yes, you can use 2 SmartMike+s to pair in T/R mode to work with other apps.

How to record interviews with SmartMike+?
The SMike+ app provides “Interview” mode for SmartMike+. Just clip the SmartMike+ on the interviewee’s collar and use the SMike+ for audio or video interview. The audio of the interviewer can be captured by the microphone of mobile phone and the audio of the interviewee can be captured by the SmartMike+ clipped on the interviewee’s collar. Both audios will be mixed on SMike+ app.